Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller

1.Application range: the cutting torch height control of plasma cutters having (or within a certain voltage range having) constant current characteristic, most of which are of imported or domestic model.

2.All interfaces are of isolating circuits, improving the anti-interference capability of torch height controller.

3.It is provided with anti-bumping function of cutting torch, wherein, whenever the cutting torch contacts the steel plate, the check circuit will activates to lift the cutting torch to the initial location height.

4.It has over-arc voltage protection function, wherein, when the actual arc voltage is lower than the set arc voltage 30V (adjustable), the over-arc voltage will be cancelled automatically to prevent the cutting torch from touching the steel plate during over wire leading-out and over burning and cutting.

5.It can display the set arc voltage and actual arc voltage on the panel LED for the convenience of real-time monitoring on equipment by operators.

6.It is capable of performing protection cap protected underwater cutting (to be stated when ordering).

7.It is capable of performing cutting torch control, arc ignition test, and controlling over initial location height and punching time through the panel, which is convenient and faster.




Full Name of Product

Torch Height controller for arc voltage

Product Model



L*W*H: 320*260*90mm

Supply voltage

AC24V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

Lifting motor

DC24V DC motor

Drive Method

PWM (pulse width modulation )

Output current

1A~4A, the maximum is 6A

Output power


Working temperature

Torch height controller: -10~60

Initial location method

Proximity switch location and protection cap contact type location

Voltage Ratio


Control Accuracy

±1V~±3V (adjustable by user)

Cutting Torch Lifting Speed

500 m/s~3000m/sspecification is required for the speed higher than the maximum speed when ordering, or regulate by the user based on the user's manual.)

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