Capacitive Torch Height Controller

1. Analog circuit instead of SMD Tech on our THC, PWM driving mode, ensuring high reliability of THC.

2. Adopt circuit-broken protection, it would protect torch head from crashing on workpiece during the situation of HF disconnected, open circuit, short circuit.

3. Full-closed design, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof.

4. It adopts a method of modularization design, which is convenient for installation, commissioning and maintenance.


5. Unparalleled circuit-protection designgreatly strengthens ability of anti-jamming. Resister and capacitor absorb circuit is adopted on power supply, preventing the interference of surge voltage and harmonic wave to THC effectively. Pressure sensitive circuit protection is adopted, avoiding the damage of over-voltage, and mis-connecting of power supply. Time-varying circuit is adopted, avoiding the damage of over-high voltage brought by work piece under sensing (protection voltage>91v). Self-recovery circuit is adopted on signal-collecting part, at this part, the detecting circuit would break off if the current is over 1.3Ah.


6. Outside height setting, besides the HEIGHT button on operation panel, there’s a R39⊕at the back of control box, adjusting the height when theset height is not right