RDM Manual Pulse Generator


1. Mounting part size Φ72

2. Thin and Light

3. 3-m3 Screws,Metal Gear

4. Line Driver Output

5. High Capacity of Resisting Disturbance

6. Suitable for Long Distance Transmission

7. CNC handwheel mpg


Electrical Specifications Mechanical Specifications

Supply Voltage DC(V) 5-15V 10-30V 5 ± 0.5

Slew Speed 600r/min

Output Model Voltage, Line Driver, Open Collector, Complementary 

Normal Rotational Speed ≤200r/min

Current Consumption(mA)  ≤60 

Dial Life 3×10turns(≤200r/min)

Output Voltage(V)    V≥Vcc-1 V≤0.5


Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature 0-+60°C

Rise/Fall time(ns) ≤1

Weight Appr. 130g

Frequency Response(kHz)  ≤50

Protection Class IP 50


Download Datasheet:  http://www.mediafire.com/view/?7sppscj49ycmykd

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