The MB-02-V6 is a simple but robust breakout board that provides a convenient and safe way to interface your CNC components to your PC via the parallel port. Additionally the Breakout board may be used to connect your CNC components to a Smooth Stepper or other motion system.

The MB-02 provides screw terminals for all printer port signals.The 5Vdc power for the MB-02 can be obtained from the USB connector, pin 26 of the ICD connector or via the 3.5mm screw terminals.T he form factor of the MB-02 Breakout board PCB has been designed for easy installation. Due to its compact size, it can also be easily installed into CNC controller enclosures.The main features of the MB-02V6 Bidirectional Breakout board are;

  • Small PCB footprint 92mm(L) x 65mm(W)
  • Four 4mm mounting holes (supplied with matching stand-offs)
  • Single 5V dc power requirements.
  • USB-B connector can be used to provide 5V supply from PC
  • “Common” supply terminals are selectable as 0V or 5V
  • Pull-up resistors on inputs and outputs ensuring known output/input states
  • Separate Pullups for Inputs, Outputs and D2-D9 pins
  • Pull-ups voltage selectable between 0V or 5V
  • Active high and Active low Enable inputs
  • All inputs and outputs are buffered and capable of supplying 24mA
  • Inputs can be 3.3V, or 5V logic levels
  • Parallel port pins D2 - D9 can be configured as inputs or outputs via jumper
  • DE-25 Female connector and IDC26 header for connection to PC/SmoothStepper.
  • Designed to work with popular CNC software such as Mach3, TurboCNC, EMC2, etc.
  • Designed to work with popular CNC hardware such as SmoothStepper, GeckoDrive, Rutex, etc
  • 3.5mm terminal block connectors for easy installation and maintenance.
  • LED Indicator for Board Enable Status
  • Charge Pump Enable detect (Pin17)
  • LED indicators for all parallel Port Signals
  • Jumpers for Enable input overrides.
  • New V6 Features
    • Separate Pullup/Down jumpers for
      • Parallel Port Bidirection pins 2 - 9
      • Parallel Port Input Pins 10,11,12,13,15
      • Parallel port Output Pins 1,14,16,17
    • IEEE 1284 compatible interface circuitry.



Download Manual: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oncy99bbezniy9a/MB-02V6_User_Manual_R3.pdf

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