บอร์ดขับสเต็ปปิ้งมอเตอร์ ขับกระแสได้สูงสุด 5A แรงดัน 60V
■Technical Data::
1. Input Voltage: 24~60VDC
2. Phase Current: adjustable from 1.5A to 5A
3. Running Mode: 1/8 Steps
4. Protection Mode: overheat, overpressure and overcurrent protection
5. Overall Dimension: 145mm×95mm×45mm
6.Weight: <600g
7. Ambient: Temperature: -15 - 40℃, humidity<90%
8. Input Method: one/twin impulses input compatible

■Connection Terminal: (I/O PORTS)
1. DC: power source
Remark: 60VDC, or module will be damaged
2. B+, B- stepping motor—phase-wire bag
3. A+, A-: stepping motor—another phase-wire bag
4. CP +, CP -: stepping impulse input terminal (effective lifting edge, continuous period>10μS)
5. CW +, CW-: running direction control, running direction can be changed via controlling battery cell

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