บอร์ดขับสเต็ปปิ้งมอเตอร์ ขับกระแสได้สูงสุด 4.5A แรงดัน 50V
Economical 2-phase Stepping Driver, Input: 20-50VDC, Output: 1.0-4.2A, Microstep:2-128;5-125,
•Low cost and good high-speed torque
•Supply voltage up to +50VDC
•Output current up to 4.5A
•Optically isolated input signals
•Pulse frequency up to 300 KHz
•Automatic idle-current reduction
•3-state current control technology
•15 selectable resolutions
•Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase motors
•DIP switch current setting with 8 different values
•CW/CCW mode available (optional)
•Over-voltage and short-circuit protection
•Small size (118x75.5x33mm)

Download Manual: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lmcuktprkjc8w28/JK1545_STEP_DRIVE.pdf

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