The M880A is a high performance microstepping driver based on pure-sinusoidal current control technology. Owing to the above technology and the self-adjustment technology (self-adjust current control parameters) according to different motors, the driven motors can run with smaller noise, lower heating, smoother movement and have better performances at higher speed than most of the drivers in the markets. It is suitable for driving 2-phase and 4-phase hybrid stepping motors.




 High performance, cost-effective
 Supply voltage up to +80VDC
 Output current up to 7.8A
 Self-adjustment technology
 Pure-sinusoidal current control technology
 Pulse input frequency up to 300 KHz
 TTL compatible and optically isolated input
 Automatic idle-current reduction
 16 selectable resolutions in decimal and binary, up to 51,200 steps/rev
 Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase motors
 Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes
 Short-voltage, over-voltage, over-current and over temperature protection



Suitable for a wide range of stepping motors, from NEMA size 17 to 43. It can be used in various kinds of machines, such as X-Y tables, labeling machines, laser cutters, engraving machines, pick-place devices, and so on. Particularly adapt to the applications desired with low noise, low heating, high speed and high precision.

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