Model: TMA3

Power: 2.4KW

Speed: 24,000rpm

Voltage: 350V

Frequency: 400Hz



The main features are:

 Automatic tool change.

 Heat probe integrated with the motor tripping at 90°.

 Pneumatic tool locking system (single acting with spring return).

a) Cylinder return blocked 6 bar

b) Tool release 6 bar

 Coupling ready for ISO 20 cone to UNI- DIN standards.

 Pressurisation of front bearings (m5×8 2/3 bar)

 Cooling system : by electric fan

 Cone cleaning (2 bar)

 Shaft stopped or shaft in motion signal.

 Optic sensor for measuring revolution speed.

 Lubrication of the bearings: grease.

 Accurately balanced electric spindle, supplied with a degree of imbalance below 2 mm/sec.

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