NewKer Industrial Robot

NewKer Industrial Robot


Product features

  •  Never Crush the machine, the system with memorial function (Abosolute feature)
  •  Needn't install hard limit in this 4-8 joint axis welding robot controller all kit and back to the zero point (Abosolute feature)
  •  Use phone connect with controller by Wifi function, easier and more convenient to send program (NewKer feature)
  •  G code program, only NewKer-CNC robot controller could work with G code program like cnc controller  (NewKer feature)
  •  Teach function with technics parameter, easier to operate (NewKer feature)
  •  PLC and macro program are all opened (NewKer feature)
  •  Only one cable come out from controller, easier to connect (Bus type feature)
  •  Multilevel random password protection, more safety (NewKer feature)


Download NewKer Robot Basis Specification Here :

Download NewKer Robot Controller Here :


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