MACH3 CNC Industrial Controller



1.Supports up to 6-axis motion control 

2.Support up to 24 input ports 

3.Support up to 16 output ports 

4.Support 1 analog output to realize inverter spindle control 

5.4 core X86 processor,1.8G frequency 

6.Embedded operating system,stable and reliable 

7.6 USB interfaces; 

8.Support wireless electronic handwheel 

9.10 inch LCD display with integrated control panel 

10. Tailor-made:provide customized solutions 

11.Support MACH3 CNC system software


Mach3 CNC Computer data
CPU Intel Z3735F
hard disk 8G+20G SSD
Ram 2G
Display 10.1 inch
Graphics card Integrated Graphics
Communication port 3 *USB2.0 port, 1 *Ethernet port
input device Keyboard + MPG control keyboard
supply Three plug type, 100-240V

Note: In order to ensure system stability, C drive has been set up,
the user can not operate,Can not store and install the software,
automatically cleared after shutdown. Please install all the
software on the D drive.
remote control Standard set of wireless remote control .

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