Mach3 Industrial PC

SP6 MACH3 Industrial PC

The numerical control computer SP6 is an embedded numerical control computer independently developed by our company. The built-in MACH3 system can be used in various engraving machines, cutting machines and other application fields.


Basic hardware configuration
CPU Z3753F/1. 33GHZ
Running memory 2G
Hard disk memory 32G
operating system WIN8 embedded
Motor output signal signal type 5V differential signal way to control P+D
Support drive type Stepper/servo driver
Maximum output frequency 2000KHZ
Maximum axis 6axis 
Spindle signal Spindle speed signal Analog signal 0-10V

IO function 
Input signal Support 24 input signal ports, low level effective
Driver power: DC24V,5mA
Output signal Support 16 input signal ports, low level effective
Driver power: DC24V,50mA
Power SP6 Host input power DC24V, 3A
Adapter power DC24V, 3A

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