LNC 600i CNC Controller

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LNC-600i is a Module Type Platform with one ELC-2601 system, MDIOP-85XX operation panel,MPG. 

This compact and smart solution also gives you Relay board to meed your expansion demand on I/O 

points. For the Lathe version, this module system offers you two methods, one can control 3 servo+1 

spindle type, and the other is 2 servo+2 spindle. This can coordinate with your current machines smartly.

As for the milling version, it offers 3 servo+1 spindle option.

10.4"LCD Monitor 

This model of LNC-600i offers you total solution from system to HMI. 

Because the LCD monitor is a high precision product, every small defect will cause huge effect on final 

products. Therefore quality control will be the most important role of every production line. LNC has a 

strict quality control system to exam every panel of the monitor to meet customer's final demand.



System configuration

System: ELC-2601

Operation Panel: MDIOP-8500/8501/8510

MPG control

Relay board 2840



Lathe version: 3 servo + 1 spindle or 2 servo + 2 spindle

Milling version: 3 servo + 1 spindle

Pulse command(standard), V command(optional)

MPG control( optional)

I/O Points:20 IN/ 16 OUT,Max. 128IN/ 128OUT

10.4" LCD Monitor

RS232 Ethernet DNC

Easy wiring, high performance, low price



MDI+OP version, also offers multiple selection for you

MDI is half key for easy control

60,000.00 ฿



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