รหัสสินค้า : US-2V


5,000.00 ฿

ราคารวม 5,000.00 ฿



Download Catalogue Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uxcx50bw2r3iw09/Catalog_LS_DRO.pdf

Download Thai Manual Here:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/n4gnarv1x2euw4c/US_DRO_MANUAL.pdf

Download English Manual Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/db4htboq53rqfr2/D100_Linear_English_Manual.pdf

Brief Introductions:

Digital readout system is used to visually display the measuring value of linear

Digital readout system is used to visually display the measuring value of linear scale, length measuring instrument, rotary encoder or angle encoder. It can be used to the facilities below:


1. Measuring and testing facilities

2. Dividing apparatus

3. Monitoring measurement facilities

4. Manual-operation machine tool

5. Measuring Machine


US-2V (milling machine, wire-cutting, boring machine, grinding machine etc, Lathe, 2 axis DRO )

US-3V ( Milling machine, wire-cutting, boring machine,  Lathe,  EDM and the facilities which need depth control, 3 axis DRO)



Instrument Features:

The Merits of US series DRO

1. High Anti-interference Performance

US series of DRO adopts three sections interference filtration design, for interference signal from signal cable of linear scale, it will make spectrum (1KHz-1000MHz)attenuation filtration to let US series of DRO reach to the highest level's anti-interference ability. The layout of parts and PCB is reasonable and precise in order for the best ground wire design, high level's anti-interference

ability and the excellent(EMC). US series of DRO adopts linearity power supply, advanced interference filtration circuit, hence anti-interference circuit ability largely.


2.Adaptability for Unstable Power Supply

US series of DRO adopts low power consumption system design which has been verified as successful after many year's use, this lets US series of DRO can use the most stable & reliable linearity power supply which has a very strong anti-impact ability of high-pressure and anti-interference. Besides, US series of DRO also adopt Varistor-Capacitor assembled type filtration circuit which further strengthens its ability of anti-interference power and anti-impact of high-pressure.


3.High-quality & Durable Key Panel

US series of DRO adopt the most expensive and top-quality Autontex series of Polyester key membrane made by Autotype company, the feature of Autotex key membrane is strong durable and has a higher ability of anti-scraped finish, anti-acid-base and industrial solvent ability. Switch life is more than 100 thousand times.


A. Counting frequency response speed is quick, and it's functional

B. Delicate housing, surface electrical plastic spray process, dust-proof, wear-proof, good shielding effectiveness

C. Professional design, individual power, wide applications, high-stability, high anti-interference


D. High-quality key panel is simple and convenient to change.

E. Special function is convenient to process 


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