Plasma / Flame CNC Controller

รหัสสินค้า : Plasma Controller1

System Function

high-pressure torch/plasma, with work to designed Cuttingis for System CNC SH-2012AH-QG Model

and fabrication advertisement working, metal in used extensively and machines cutting laser and jet water

businesses. machining stone

surge. and lightning disturbance, plasma to resistance good as well as reliability High

control height and control speed corner perform to able technology, cutting torch/plasma Applied


option; user's for report and check reasonability compensation, Kerf

memory, breakpoint automatic and recovery power-back automatic restoration, Breakpoint

selection, point piercing and section Random

plate, thin for feature bridging and plate thick for piercing Extended

and selection) SECTION(section RETURN, of mode in feature position piercing Optional

control, user for convenient very restoration), RESBREK(breakpoint

moment, any at operation cutting transitional for Ready

as blanking metal to applicable extensively travel, smooth on based feature machining line short Special

etc. fabrication, ironwork and advertisement as well

parts, machining common the including customizable, and extensible patterns, 24-type of library Parts

etc. FASTCAM, IBE(Germany), as such software blanking many with Compatible

automatic point free zoom, 8-times display, graphic dynamic English, and Chinese in both menu Operation

upgrade. software timely and program disk USB tracking,


CPU ARM7 Industrial Processor:

LCD Color 7" Display:

output isolation optical of channels 8 and input isolation optical of channels 13 Input/output:

axles interlocked 4 to extensible axles, 2 axles: Interlocked

<24m/min speed: Maximum

to 1 from range the in denominator optional and numerator gear electronic variable, equivalency: Pulse


machining to restriction no and program user for capacity memory oversized 32M-64M space: Memory


95.2(mm) × 202 × 298 size: case Machine

℃ +60 to -40 temperature: storage ; ℃ +40 to 0 temperature: Operation

10,000.00 ฿



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