C4 Mini Lathe CNC

รหัสสินค้า : C005


110,000.00 ฿

ราคารวม 110,000.00 ฿



Our CNC machine is a high speed processing machine:the curving and linear speeds are consistent and the running rate amounts to above 3 meters/minute.

Excellent parts:our company use Excellent lead screws, imported linear rail and outstanding stepper system. We also use imported bearing and highly efficient main spindle.

Reasonable designs: our company use advanced bigger strength.

Compatible software:our software is compatible with Master CAM and other kinds of CAD/CAM design software.

Convenient Controller: we use advanced LPT connection with DSP operating system. Our CNC can completely work off-line and do not take any computer resources. Besides, our CNC have realized automatic starting and stopping of DSP operating system


Function:this mini lathe can process Copper, iron and aluminum, wood and plastic



MODEL         C4-CNC

  • Swing over bed 210mm
  • Max.process lengh(Distant between Center) 400mm
  • Diameter of spindle hole   21mm
  • X Y Z Accuracy 0.05/300mm.
  • X Y Z Repeatability 0.025 – 0.0125mm.
  • Travel of X axis 110mm
  • Structure Mild Steel Fabrication System
  • Threads Function Metric and Inch
  • ระบบขับเคลื่อน Feed Screw
  • Controller PC CNC CONTROLLER ( Windows)
  • Computer Interface Printer Port and USB
  • Working Speed 0.5-50 IPM
  • Spindle Motor System Adjustable with Manual Speed Controller
  • Spindle Speed 50-2500
  • Spindle Taper Mt3
  • Tailstock taper Mt2
  • ระบบมอเตอร์ Step Drive Motor
  • Power Supply AC220V/50HZ. , MAX 1500W
  • Instruction Command EIA-274D Standard Gcode
  • Maximum Tool Bit Size 8mm (5/16inch)
  • Gross Weight: 76kg 
  • Size of lathe(LxWxH): 810X360X440mm
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