Cutter Tool Grinder

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U2 universal cutter grinder ,

For grinding HSS and carbide engraving cutter as well as single lip or multiple lip cutters of various shapes such as radiuses cutters or negative taper angle of cutters. The universal index head is provided at 24 positions so that any particular angle of shape can be obtained, free 3600 or 100 rotation is allowed for grinding End MillsTwist DrillLathe Tools, only replace the attachment to the index head without any complex setup.


Technical Data)

Standard Accessory)

1. Max. Collect Capacity ф16mm

1. Wheel dresser with diamond 1pcs

2. Max. Grinding Dia. ф100mm

2. Wheel flange(mounted) 1pcs

3. Taper Angle 0°-180°

3. Grinding wheel 1pcs

4. Relief Angle 0°-45°

4. CollectΦ3, 4,6mm 3pcs

5. Negative Angle 0°-26°

5. Drive belt 1pcs

6. Grinding Spindle 5200r.p.m.

6. Lock pin 1pcs

7. Cup grinding wheel 100x50x20mm

7. Lamp 1pcs

8. Motor 220V/50Hz

8. Tools 1sets

9. Net Weight 45kgs Aligning finger 1pcs

10. Aligning finger 1pcs

10. Machine dim. 45x40x35cm

10. Operating information 1 Sets


Milling endmill tool grinder

is a kind of machine which can be used to grind and repair milling cutters in industry.

Precision End Mill Grinder KZ-X20
1. Portable idiot end mill sharpener, can grind 2-flute, 3-flute, 4-flute end mill Dia. 4 - 20mm.
2. Grinding is accurate and rapid, easy operation with no skill to grind.
3. With diamond grinding wheel, only one piece can complete all procedures.
4. It can be equipped directly with an accurate angle and long service life.
5.Standard with SDC grinding wheel for the Carbide material, Optional CBN grinding wheel for the HSS material.

Milling endmill tool grinder user guide :


Twist Drill Grinder

Machine performance characteristics Twist drill grinder for Dia, 3-13mm

1. The cutting machine for the twist drill of the drill grinder is precise and fast, easy to operate, and can be easily polished without any skill.
2. Economical price, greatly saving costs and improving the use efficiency.
3. Directly install the diamond grinding wheel with precise angle and long service life.
4. This machine is equipped with a static point (center point) size adjustment function, which can control the quality and precision of the workpiece and extend the life of the drill bit.


Cutter Grinder

  • U2 Cutter Grinder
    27,000.00 ฿


  • Milling Endmill cutter grinder for Dia.4-20mm
    34,500.00 ฿


  • Twist drill cutter grinder for Dia, 3-13mm
    13,500.00 ฿


  • U2 Resin Grinding Wheel
    900.00 ฿


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