Milling Machine

WeMill is a Milling Machine Brand of China. Our Milling Machine is the Top 5 Milling Machine Maker Company in China.

    The company is a high & new technology enterprise which takes developing and manufacturing of Milling system,Milling machine tools and their key parts as its main business. It focuses mainly on the high-speed, high-precision, multi-axis, combined and large-type Milling machine tools. It seized the urgent need for large-type precision machine tool of the resource,traffic, ship,machinery,metallurgy,aerospace and war industry. And it had realized a sharp progress in its scale and industrial position.

    The company insists on the principle of independent innovation since its establishment,and it always consider the development and application of high and new technology as the base and key reason to keep the company developing fast. It paid more and more attention to exploit both hard and soft wares to enhance its competitiveness in the market consecutively.Now through independent innovation, cooperative exploitation as well as learning from others, the company had owned many items of patents and proprietary technology which had been ahead within China and advanced in the world.


Our Milling Machine are following Model: X6323 ,  X6325 , X6330 , X6333 , XH6330



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