MMLA Filament

The Features of MMLA Filament for 3d Printer

Fire Resistance Grade V-0

The highest grade of macromolecule material improving the fireproof performance of 3D prnted products.

Temperature Resistance as High as 75℃

Realize the 3D printing products stability of outdoor use, but also suitable for outdoor hot areas.

Passing Anti UV Test and Anti Xenon Arc Lamp Test

Suitable for long-term outddor use, improve the longevty of 3D printed products.

Passing RoHS Approval, the product could be recycled

Meet the RoHS environmental requirements, the filament lelfover and recycled materials can be reuesd, so as to realize green environmental protection and practice the "Double Carbon" goal.

Cost Advantage

On the premise of improving the overall performace, the production cost is close to most 3D printing filament on the current market.

Multi-Macromolecule Alloy Material with Better Toughness

Less damage on transportation.

The Priting Speed is at Least 30% Faster than Traditional Filament

Reduce time cost in 3D printing industrial production.

Abundant Raw Material

Avoiding price fluctuation based on material monopoly, setting the foundation for large-scale, industrilized, and intelligent production in 3D printing industry.

No Need for Drying Storage

The filament are suitable for routine use and need for dry storage.

Translucent or Opaque

The filament are available in translucent or opaque types.

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