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Ucancam Team is based in Beijing of China, a professional developer of CAD/CAM software. Ucancam Corp. owns intellectual property right of all the Ucancam series products.

        With twelve years of experience in the industry, Ucancam series softwares include Ucancam engraving software, Ucannest Plasma/Laser nesting software, Ucansign signmaking software, which work in signmaking, woodworking, engraving, furnishings&cabinetry, construction/architecture,ship&boat building industries.

        “Powerfully Simple. Simply Powerful” is the tagline for Ucancam, we strive to create tools that are naturally intuitive, graphically interactive, extremely visual, and just plain enjoyable to use! Our goal is to supply software products that are quick and easy to learn, precise, self supporting and importantly, affordably priced.



Ucancam V10 Engraving Software (standard version)Ucancam V10 Engraving Software is a professional solution to CAD and CAM. It is widely used in such fields as advertisements, exhibition, decoration, artwork, moulds, seal-making, signs,gifts, architectural moulds, wood working, etc



Ucancam Pro is a powerful, flexible industrial strength software.
  Ucancam Pro includes all the design, layout and machining functionality demanded by commercial shops and users, while remaining incredibly easy to use and affordably priced. Ucancam Pro is a complete solution for 3D Model Making ( CNC routing,engraving,and milling ), Rapid Prototyping and Sign making, Wood Carving( Custom fireplaces, door panels), Stone cutting(Memorials, Commemorative plaques) .
  As well as the current mainstream Ucancam Pro's 3D Wave board, for this, Pro. offers all the tools you need for surface waveboard designs' machining, such existing wave-shaped designs as lines, curves, waves can be created on MDF boards. In addition, Original and unique designs and even users'special requirements for cutting characters or graphs on finished wave boards can also be grabed.Various artistic effects can be achieved through different treatment of MDF boards through Ucancam Pro. 



Ucancam Pro + Rotary Axis : is add on Function to make 4th Axis CNC Machining Work



Ucannest V10  : mainly applies in numerical control cutting machines, such as CNC plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, wire cutting machines, water jet and so on. It has integrated various functions: drawing, text editing and node editing, auto nesting; advanced cutting process; creation and simulation of paths, etc. Like other software designed by Ucancam software Technology Co.,Ltd, UcanNest V9 has carried on the advantages of the previous versions which is quite easy to learn and use. For your convenience, it is also compatible with CAD programs. UcanNest V9 popularizes itself through its abundant advantages like easy to learn and use, low price of better performance and good after-sale service. Hereby we would like to illustrate its features as follows:



Ucannest Pro = Ucannest Standard Version + Interactive nesting + Plate & Remnant Management.





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