Portable CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine

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110,000.00 ฿




Technical Parameter

1. Installation Mode With combined installation and random movement, without occupying fixed site and directly cutting on steel plates

2. Cutting Shape Steel plate with any plane shapes formed by straight lines and arcs.

3. LCD Display Dimension 7.0 Inches

4. Flame Cutting Thickness 5-200mm

5. Plasma Cutting Thickness 0.5-25mm (according to plasma power)

6. Height Control Electric Height Control and Arc Voltage Height Control (THC)

7. Motor and driver Stepper motor and driver

8. Cutting Speed 0-4000mm per minute

9. Drive Mode Single-side

10. Cutting Mode Flame and Plasma

11. Ignition Device Auto

12. File Transmission USB

13. Cutting Gas Flame: Oxygen+ Acetylene/ Propane/ Coal gas

Plasma: air

14. Gas Pressure Max. 0.1 Mpa

15. Oxygen Pressure Max. 0.7 Mpa

16. Cutting Accuracy ±0.5mm

17. Software FastCAM Standard vision (support Auto CAD/ Solidworks/ CAXA/ Types etc.)

18. Power Supply Voltage/Frequency 220V/1 1 0V 50HZ 60HZ

19. Rated Power Supply 2000W

20. Working Temperature -10℃-60℃. Relative Humidity from 0-95%


PA-1313    |     PA-1325      |    PA-1530

working area

1300x1300mm | 1300x2500mm | 1300x1300mm

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